Let's Skip Together

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Let's Skip Together


Fun creative movement activities with instruction written below.

Happy Dancing!!


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Movement Instructions

Optional Props: ribbon streamers, dancing scarves, rhythm shakers and parachute

2. “Cricket Dance” - Dance and act out the movement words - jump, hop, prance.

3. “Springwind” - Pretend to dance with the wind using a ribbon streamer.

4. “Let’s Skip Together” - A partner dance; skip, jump, spin and then fall down.

5. “A Beautiful Day” - Children can act out the words or just listen.

6. “Jack in the Box” - Gently curl child into imaginary box on floor, draw circles on their back to “wind up,” then step back as they jump out. Partners may take turns as the Jack.

7. “Butterflies in the Rain” - With dancing scarves as wings, pretend to be the butterflies. Hide under the parachute “leaf” until the storm passes.

8. “Lightning” - Sit around the parachute and pretend to be reading books in
bed. When the lightning “crashes,” quickly duck under the covers!

9. “Imagine That” - Children dance freely while acting out the movement words. 10. “Birthday Wish” - With ribbon streamers, “mix” the cake, “spread” the icing, blow out the candles and dance around the cake. Dancers take turns being the cake and the birthday child.

11. “The Dancing Doll” - Dancers emerge from under the parachute “gift wrap” and then dance/act the rest of the story. Use real or pretend Teddy bears.

12. “Squirrel Talk” - Children can act out the words or just listen.

13. “The Too Loose Tooth” - Dance with rhythm shakers.

14. “Out in the Cold” - Sit with legs stretched out in front. Let your hands “march” to the footsteps in the snow. Point out snow suit, mittens and finally, your cold nose.

15. “The Snowflake Ball” - Dancers ride in on top of the parachute “cloud” till they step out into the sky to dance across the treetops and a hilly countryside.

16. “Rubber band Man” - Dance with rhythm shakers. It’s also fun to crouch down to the ground and then stretch out and fly!